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Providing customers with safe, convenient, and durable green energy products based on the business philosophy of “honesty, rigor, and innovation.

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About tiksolar

Tiksolar is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the Lithium battery pack R&D, design, production and sales. Mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of Distributed Power System (DPS), standard lithium battery module, lithium battery Energy Storage System (ESS), Battery Management System (BMS), and energy Internet of Things platform. It is led by a senior R&D and operation team, owns multiple core technologies and software copyrights, and possesses core independent intellectual property rights. All of these make Tiksolar a leading lithium battery solution provider and battery pack supplier in China.

Tiksolar New Energy strictly implements the operation in accordance with the national ISO9001 quality standard system. At the same time, it carries out certification and testing according to the customized requirements of domestic and foreign customers, and always takes the safe use of customers as the first criterion. 

Smart future, green travel and ultimate experience. Our main products cover start batteries, energy storage batteries and consumer batteries. The products are mainly used in electric tools, toys, household energy storage, medical equipment, solar energy, wind energy backup power, personal care, security monitoring equipment, instruments, handheld terminals, military equipment, communication equipment and other fields. The company will accelerate its expansion to large energy storage power plants and other fields on the basis of strengthening its product advantages.

Tiksolar New Energy provides customers with “safe, convenient and durable” green new energy products based on the business philosophy of “integrity, preciseness and innovation”. Adhering to the “innovative company” characteristics of struggle, dedication and strong execution, we have undertaken social responsibility and constantly developed more environmentally friendly and durable lithium battery products for the society. At the same time, it comprehensively tests the super environment and super data of batteries and battery modules, and simulates the real and extreme use field; With the assistance of several senior engineers, QC and technicians, all problems can be solved.

“Green energy, sustainable development and a better life. The world needs birds singing and flowers fragrant!”
Lam woo
Tiksolar, CEO

TIKSOLAR products have been applied to various fields

With lithium-ion batteries as our core technology, our products have been widely utilized in various fields including lead-acid battery replacement, automotive starting, communication, power, residential energy storage, and industrial energy storage. We focus on research and development of lithium-ion batteries with high energy density, safety, and long lifespan in order to provide our clients with the highest quality solutions.

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our team

Our team consists of key personnel in software, hardware, and design, whose many years of experience and deep technical expertise lay a solid foundation for the project’s success. Continuous learning and improvement ensure that the products are of high quality, reliability, and safety. The outstanding performance of the elite team provides reliable technical support and assurance for the development of the enterprise.

Adapted inverter suppliers that have already been cooperated with

By utilizing adaptation technology, existing energy storage systems can be made compatible with multiple types of inverters, effectively improving energy utilization efficiency while reducing costs. This technology offers high flexibility, scalability, and greater applicability, thereby serving as an important trend for future sustainable energy development.

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