Analyzing the Impact of Lifepo4 Battery Cell Price Fluctuations in Pakistan: A Comprehensive Overview

Type Capacity CCA Weight Size
L45B19 45Ah 495A 4.3kg 197*128*200mm
L45B24 45Ah 495A 4.6kg 238*133*198mm
L60B24 60Ah 660A 5.6kg 238*133*198mm
L60D23 60Ah 660A 5.7kg 230*174*200mm
L75D23 75Ah 825A 6.7kg 230*174*200mm
L90D23 90Ah 990A 7.8kg 230*174*200mm
L45H4 45Ah 495A 4.7kg 207*175*190mm
L60H4 60Ah 660A 5.7kg 207*175*190mm
L75H4 75Ah 825A 6.7kg 207*175*190mm
L60H5 60Ah 660A 5.8kg 244*176*189mm
L75H5 75Ah 825A 6.7kg 244*176*189mm
L90H5 90Ah 990A 7.7kg 244*176*189mm

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